“Yes, that worked – thank you!  These video promos are fantastic!!!  I am really excited! Please tell Adil and his team they have done a wonderful job – we sincerely appreciate the hard work!”

Janelle Orozco, Vice President of Procurement at Diageo







“I’m absolutely thrilled Adil. The story boarding, direction, camera work and acting. Love it!”

Gursh Matharu, Creative Director, adm Promotions







“I LOVE IT!!! I got CHILLS, THRILLS and even shed a few small TEARS OF JOY!! Lack of sleep I think?

Very excited to see our products come to LIFE!!  EXCELLENT WORK!!


Marc Harris, Senior Procurement Manager at The Coca-Cola Company




“If you want excellence delivered in a timely fashion then Adil is definitely your man. He is extremely creative as well as very accommodating… Worth checking his work out!”

Troy Miller, Music Producer






“This video is terrific!

 FYI, I hosted an American Marketing Assn speaker yesterday from Hub Spot (MK Getler) who noted that several key tools (and “musts”) for converting potential members/buyers into actual engaged members include:

1) using visuals/videos (because that’s how our media world is obviously continuing to evolve);

2) ensuring constituents are “heard” and have an oppty to participate/speak/articulate what they find of value;

3) proliferate video and visuals on social messaging and online.

You nailed all of these and we’re pleased to help you get this video posted and promoted.”

Ken Walsh, President VP Marketing and Software Information Industry Network at SIIA





“We are very pleased to have you working with us and especially with the last teaser video you sent us which was brilliant considering you did not have additional footage. Thank you for your continuous support to our cause.”

Amos Chia – Banking Finance Professionals, BFP Networking






“I am a London born model with 10 years industry experience. I’ve done work for many major national corporations. Having worked with Adil in the early stages of his career I could see real potential in his ability to naturally compose and comprehend the skill involved both for the model and photographer. Adil showed great passion and enthusiasm for fashion and I’m sure will later gone on to achieve many great things in the photography or film world as I know he will. Being in the industry for over a decade and having worked with many international photographers and video directors, I can safely say Adil possesses exceptional talent in all areas of image capture and story telling and will do so for many years to come.”

Anna Emilia Morris – Model





“We felt like Adil was a member of the band after being with him for 5 minutes, he’s that easy to work with and agreeable to be around. I think this is really reflected in his photos.”

Felix Howes – Storms, songwriter, musician




“I worked with Adil when building my portfolio. He helped organise lots of different outfits and styles. He was very creative and gave great feedback and direction. We experimented with props and had a laugh so I felt a lot more comfortable infront of the camera. He made me feel relaxed which is important to get the best results. I was very happy with the outcome. Thank you”

India Bhagwanani, Cherographer




“Great stuff as always! Such an artist you are…

Seriously great work, I already wish we could go back to that day..”

Tomas Sabat – Palatial Brunch London






“I had really unforgettable experience while creating photos and something very different with Adil.

First of all he was very professional and always advised me at every step of our shoot. 

Second he was very talkative, funny and engaging, he was always coming up with new ideas which I loved. 

Third he was very patient and I could take my time, as I’m not a professional model. His advice was so useful for my confidence as a business profressional further down my career.

 I’ve met other photographers in my life since, and was always being asked who taught me how to behave in front of the camera, all wondering if I was a model once, but it was Adil’s photoshoot believe it or not.

It was a real pleasure to spend time working with him and results were impressive! I could not believe the photos he took of me. Amazing! 

I wish him all the best in the future! He is simple an amazing personality and professional to work with!”

Ieva Straukaite, Tempe Inditex Group





“I had a photo shoot with Adil in the summer of 2011. It wasn’t planned but a last minute thought and arrangement to give me some lovely photos. We shot at Green Park and I was thrilled with the results. A very natural shoot with natural make up, maxi dress and bo-ho hair which suited the setting perfectly. Adil was a pleasure to work with confident but not overbearing and very natural with the camera. Some of the shots he managed to capture were just beautiful and something I will look back on for years to come and perhaps frame. I could not recommend him highly enough. He has an exceptional eye and I would love to work with him again.”

Catherine Scott, Sales Manager of the Estates office at Battersea Power Station






“Adil was invaluable on our shoot. He always found the most dramatic shots and interesting angles that really help in promoting our movie. He’s also very social and helps relax cast and crew. He understands the director’s thoughts and his photos often reflect this vision. I like the natural quality and edge his shots have. He brings talent creativity and positivity to set.”

Johnny O Donnell, Film Director





“Cool photography – real and gritty the look we were after and the design to – bloody great mate!”

Charlie Leman, Singer Songwriter with Gorgeous George





“Adil is highly communicative and creative individual, full of positive attitude. The photo-shoot he carried was pleasant and stress free. He is very knowledgeable about his field of work, and is not afraid to attempt something new. I would highly recommend him for your creative ventures.”

Elisa Milova K. Theatre Director 




“I’m Stephanie, an aspiring entrepreneur. I needed to have some pictures taken professionally to build my portfolio. A friend of mine recommended Adil. Luckily, he has a website exposing his pictures. After going through his work, I was convinced that he was perfect for the job.

On the day of the shoot he helped me relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera, guiding me to get the best pose. We did two series of pictures: full body and portrait. The shoot lasted for two hours. Then, we went through the pictures together. Adil emailed me the next day a selection of the best pictures. Some didn’t even need any further retouching or manipulating.  

I highly recommend Adil for creating something different as his work is excellent and unique.”

Stephanie Thalmensy – Olivia Thal-James, Aveda Hairstylist 




“Adil has not only helped me in building my portfolio but also helped building my confidence producing beautiful, creative images.. I’ve really enjoy working with Adil and value him not only as a photographer but also as a friend. He’s a helpful, inspiring individual and someone I look forward to working with every time.”

Mimi Hammad, Roc-search




“Adil is a person with multi qualities, I found him to be a very generous person with loads of talent that keeps improving more and more everyday and keeps surprising me with the results.

My first professional photo-shoot was taken by him on the streets around Waterloo Station in London in 2009, I didn’t have much modelling experience and felt very nervous, but as we started taking photos, with his help showing me some poses, playing with different lights and keeping a positive attitude all the time, I developed  confidence and the results was just Amazing. Adil likes to play with different backgrounds, lighting , shapes and it makes all the difference for his work, I find him extremely creative, professional and organised, who always has eyes for new ideas and something colourful and creative, always pushing himself to try something different.

I’ve had 4 photo-shoots with Adil and been involved with some of his video shoots to, all work created are so different from each other and with great resolution, they are usually so good that there is no need for editing. I am very pleased with Adil’s work and proud I can count on him if I need good photos.

Thank you very much Adil for all your help with my career in modelling and promotions”

Meriely Araujo, model, hostess, performer and promotions