What one will find inside my head are several roads that have been built by people who have inspired me.

I enjoy capturing stories using a variety of mixed-media including; design, graphics, photography, film, video, illustrations, typography, painting, sketching, video editing, writing and experimental collaborations.. these are areas that fuel me to document and share not only my unique feelings and thoughts but those of others.

I have ears for various world music, reading a collection of books and keeping a healthy mind, body and spirit. I believe that we should show respect to those who have lived a life. Every life lived is a story worth sharing and documenting.

The way different people think and act in this unique world and environment I find extremely fascinating. Also love being inspired by all that this beautiful planet has to offer and showing the respect it deserves.

Everyone should be willing to learn with an open mind and to embrace change the one constant in our lives. We must also live, love, laugh and focus on what really makes each of us happy.

Every beautiful day is one in which to learn something new and to share that knowledge with new friends and unique individuals.



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